Become a Member

IRMA members commit to a shared participation in achieving the IRMA vision.

In practice, this means that our members have unique roles to play but they can all participate in making responsible mining the norm. They can use responsibly mined materials or advocate for responsible mining to those they influence.

What one of our members says:

ArcelorMittal supplies many different sectors with steel, from automotive parts, packaging and construction. An increasing number of our customers want reassurance that every link in their entire supply chain operates to high levels of environmental and social standards. This means both our steel plants but also the mines we buy from. We believe one system that is suitable for all mined materials, is multi-stakeholder and independent, must be the best long term service we can offer our customers.
Alan Knight
General Manager for Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal and Chairman, ResponsibleSteel (ArcelorMittal is a founding member of IRMA)

Benefits of IRMA membership

IRMA membership has many benefits. For companies in the supply chain this includes improved reputation, better market access, robust assurance and responsible sourcing.

For civil society, labor unions and communities, this means being able to inform the globe’s most comprehensive definition of ‘responsible mining.’

Membership includes:

  • An IRMA Member logo and membership messages to show your support for responsible mining that can be used in your communications.
  • Opportunity to shape actions in IRMA through voting rights (if your organization is in one of the five stakeholder houses that are given voting rights – these are 1) mining companies, 2) companies that purchase mined materials, 3) labor unions, 4) civil society organizations and 5) mining-affected communities)
  • Invitation to participate in the IRMA Annual General Assembly (for all members).
  • Being part of the global dialogue on responsible mining.

How to become a member

About the application

To become an IRMA Member:

  1. Download the membership application (en español).
  2. Sign and submit the application and supporting documents, and pay the annual membership fee (if applicable).
  3. Be sure to read the IRMA Membership Principles and IRMA Principles of Engagement inside the membership package that includes an agreement to shared participation in the Vision of IRMA and credibility concepts such as continuous improvement and multi-stakeholder participation.

Membership Fees

Membership is free to all civil society organizations (NGOs), mining affected communities and community-based organizations. For all others, membership fees are paid annually and are based on the total annual revenue (in USD) of the member organization or company.

As of April, 2024 the Board of Directors of IRMA approved the following rates. (NOTE: If cost is a barrier to membership for private sector companies, please contact us.)

Total Annual Budget/Revenue in USD Fees
0 – 10 million USD 500
10 million – 100 million USD 2,500
100 million – 1 billion USD 5,000
1 billion – 5 billion USD 15,000
5 billion – 10 billion USD 25,000
10 billion or greater USD 35,000

Shared Participation in IRMA

All members of IRMA agree to shared participation in IRMA programs and transformation of the industrial-mining sector towards more responsible practices. Shared participation, depending on the stakeholder group, may mean incentivizing improvements or seeking certification or advocating for communities. Participation depends on an organization’s goals and objectives but should be aligned with the vision of IRMA and seek to drive uptake of the Standard for Responsible Mining.

We have created a graphic showing some of the most common stakeholder groups involved in IRMA (although not all stakeholder types are represented here) and how their participation in IRMA could look.

Download a graphic of the IRMA Shared Participation Concept