We are seeking Members of IRMA.

Become a Member and:

  • Show your commitment to responsible mining: put yourself on the Responsible Mining Map and gain recognition in other listings and publications
  • Join the global dialogue about best practices for protecting social and environmental values where mining happens
  • Influence how IRMA grows and is accountable to diverse stakeholders

Benefits of Membership

Members receive:

  1. Governance privileges (voting rights) for sector affiliating members
  2. A set of approved claims on a commitment to environmental and social responsibility to use publicly
  3. Placement on the Responsible Mining Map
  4. Mining sector members receive access to the MINE MEASURE self-assessment tool, with up to five complimentary self-assessments depending on your membership level

Subscribers receive the same privileges as members except for voting rights.

How to become a Member

Members must be with an organization or company and associate with an IRMA stakeholder group. Individuals who would like to join IRMA and companies that do not wish to have governing rights in IRMA, may become Subscribers.

To become an IRMA Member or Subscriber:

  1. Contact IRMA: info@responsiblemining.net
  2. Pay fee (annually)
  3. Choose sector affiliation (required for membership only)
  4. Optional: add your company/organization added to the Responsible Mining Map

2018/2019 Launch Phase Rates

Membership/Subscription is free for Civil Society. IRMA is offering this opportunity in reflection of the importance of engagement with and learning from diverse stakeholders, particularly during Launch Phase (2018, 2019).  After the Launch Phase there will be a sliding scale for non-profit organizations, including possible membership fee waiver for those that need one.

The following fee schedule applies to for-profit companies:

Payment Options

  1. Check:  make check out to Sustainable Markets Foundation and include IRMA in the memo. IRMA is fiscally sponsored by SMF.  Please mail checks to: 45 W 36th St. 6th Floor New York, NY 10018.
  2. Bank Wire Transfer:  email info@responsiblemining.net with your Member/Subscription level and IRMA will send you details to pay by wire.
  3. Request an Invoice:  email info@responsiblemining.net with your invoice request and subscription level.

Please contact IRMA at info@responsiblemining.net with any questions about how you, your organization or company can become a Member or Subscriber.

What one of our members says…

“ArcelorMittal supplies many different sectors with steel, from automotive parts, packaging and construction. An increasing number of our customers want reassurance that every link in their entire supply chain operates to high levels of environmental and social standards. This means both our steel plants but also the mines we buy from. We believe one system that is suitable for all mined materials, is multi-stakeholder and independent, must be the best long term service we can offer our customers.”
- General Manager for Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal and Chairman, ResponsibleSteel (ArcelorMittal is a founding member of IRMA)