Complaints and Feedback

IRMA welcomes stakeholder engagement, complaints and input on all IRMA activities, including feedback on the Standard for Responsible Mining.


We take your complaints seriously.  IRMA strives to resolve all stakeholder complaints related to standard-setting, the mechanics of the IRMA certification system, or other issues related to the IRMA organization, first through dialogue with the IRMA Secretariat. If no resolution can be found through that process, we elevate a complaint to the IRMA Board or an Ad Hoc Resolution Committee, whichever is more appropriate for the type of complaint.

We also strive to make impartial efforts to resolve all complaints, and we document all complaints and their resolutions. View IRMA’s Issues Resolution System procedures here.

As of 28 February 2022, no stakeholder complaints have been filed through the IRMA Issues Resolution System.

If you have a complaint, please use the IRMA Stakeholder Complaint Form.

For complaints related to a specific mine site assessment please contact the Certification Body (CB) overseeing the assessment. Contact information for CBs is available on the Mines Under Assessment page.

Feedback on the IRMA Standard

We welcome all comments, inputs, requests for clarifications or suggestions of revisions on the Standard. You can send general input on the standard at any time, during our outside of our formal consultation periods. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to be alerted to public consultations.