Feedback and Complaints

IRMA welcomes stakeholder engagement, complaints and input on all IRMA activities, anonymously or not, in any language (en español vaya a esta página), including feedback on the independent assessments of mining operations, and the Standard for Responsible Mining. In 2024 IRMA will bring on independent oversight of our complaint resolution process.


General comments, suggestions, and requests for clarification are always welcome at 

Comments specific to the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining can be sent to the same address. 


If you have a complaint about anything related to the IRMA process, please use one of the methods described below in the “To File a Complaint” section.

IRMA encourages stakeholders to engage directly with the party responsible for the subject of your complaint. Upon filing your complaint, in addition to registering it, we will provide you the appropriate contact and connect you — whether it be the mining company, the audit firm, or IRMA itself.

In 2024, IRMA brought on Assurance Services International to provide independent oversight of grievances. When IRMA’s own multi-stakeholder system isn’t sufficient to provide objective review, ASI provides third-party review.


You may appoint a representative or advisor to accompany you in raising your issue with IRMA

You may request translation support from the IRMA Secretariat. Send a request via email to 

To File a Complaint

IRMA WhatsApp QR code
Scan this code with your phone to file a complaint with IRMA via WhatsApp

You may file a complaint, anonymously or not, in any language (en español aya a esta página), in one of four ways:

  • Via the online form below (preferred).
  • Via email to, either with a complaint form or without.
  • Via WhatsApp by text or voice by scanning the code at right. The IRMA WhatsApp Business number is +1.301.202.1445.
  • Via post to
    113 Cherry St, #74985
    Seattle, Washington, 98104
    United States

NOTE: You can file a complaint anonymously. None of the fields below are required. But lack of information can affect our ability to act on a complaint to resolve it.

Status of Filed Complaints

Following the IRMA Issues Resolution System, IRMA works to make its complaints process transparent to provide affected stakeholders information that can help drive improved practices at mining operations. IRMA received one written complaint on 30 November 2022, however permission to publish the complaint was not provided. The complaints listed below are approved by the complainant before listing.

Complaint ID Complainant Respondent(s) Date Submitted Status
IRMA-2024-001 SIRGE IRMA 10 April 2024 Updated
27 Jun 2024
IRMA-2024-002 Earthworks IRMA 16 April 2024 Concluded
17 Jul 2024

What Happens to Your Complaint

How the IRMA Issues Resolution System works

The IRMA Issues Resolution System


Step 1: Initial Discussion with IRMA Secretariat

Step 2: Resolution Pathway

Step 3: Escalation




Download the full text of the IRMA Issues Resolution System.