Purchasing companies

For companies with mined materials in their products, IRMA is an invaluable tool to assess practices at the beginning of the supply chain.

Through independent, third-party audits and comprehensive, detailed audit reports, IRMA offers purchasing companies an unprecedented level of insight into the practices of their mining suppliers.

At IRMA, we seek to provide market value and recognition for responsible practices at the mine site. Purchasing companies have a significant role to play in forwarding this vision. They can do so by clearly signaling their intent and interest in purchasing materials from IRMA-assessed mines.

IRMA is especially relevant for purchasing companies, as it provides assessment:

  • at the mine site, rather than the corporate level, as this is where most risks associated with mining occur
  • of any mine, regardless of material, so purchasing and sustainability teams only need to become familiar with one standard

IRMA understands most purchasing companies do not have direct relationships with mining companies and may, in fact, be several tiers removed from these suppliers. We actively provide support for any purchasing company, at any point in the supply chain, to express an interest in sourcing from mines assessed by IRMA. This can occur even if a company’s supply chain is not yet fully mapped and even before there is enough mined material in the market to meet your needs.

IRMA is committed to multi-stakeholder governance and welcomes purchasing companies as members. Membership allows you to:

  • vote for board representatives for your sector
  • attend IRMA’s member-only meetings
  • connect with, learn from and collaborate with others in your sector
  • connect with, learn from and collaborate with stakeholders outside of your sector
  • publicly demonstrate your leadership in responsible sourcing and sustainability
  • access members-only communication

It is important to note that members from the purchasing sector must:

  • encourage mining companies to engage in IRMA through third-party assessment
  • communicate an interest in sourcing materials from mines independently audited in the IRMA system, whether in sustainability communications, direct outreach or other relevant venues