Chain of Custody Standard 2.0

The DRAFT Chain of Custody Standard 2.0 is designed to provide baseline requirements for tracing material coming from any IRMA-audited mine through the downstream processing of minerals into products, all the way to the end consumer.

We concluded the public consultation period on 26 January 2024 Comments are currently under review to inform the final standard, which we intend to launch before the end of 2024, together with a public report on the comment period and the rationale for the final changes made.

Chain of Custody is the concept of tracking the flow of mined materials from the original point of extraction, through purchasing and trading of those materials, down through processing into more finished components, to the point of manufacture into end products people use every day – including cars, jewelry, electronics, buildings, solar panels and more.

We invite you to contribute

Since its founding, IRMA has been a forum where all stakeholders and Indigenous rights holders with an interest in mining can provide perspectives on what it means to mine more responsibly and work together to define best practices.

Public consultation open for the Chain of Custody Standard

IRMA develops its Standards via a robust public consultation process following international good practice.

Transparently issuing the draft IRMA Chain of Custody Standard and inviting all to contribute comments on the Standard follows the IRMA Standard Development Process and ensures we are accountable to all stakeholders and Indigenous rights holders.  This allows for the incorporation of requirements that follow best practice to provide a global chain of custody framework for mined materials flowing from IRMA-audited mines.

Chain of Custody coverThe public consultation period ran from October 26, 2023 to January 26, 2024. All comments will be considered carefully – a summary of comments and IRMA’s responses will be provided after the consultation period ends. In addition to the instructions below, additional resources, including the full text of the IRMA Chain of Custody Standard as PDF or spreadsheet, are available.

Introductory Chain of Custody webinar

Recordings of the 21 November Chain of Custody introductory webinar are available in the Webinar section below in English, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How to comment

The comment period closed on 26 January 2024. Although subseqent comments can still be submitted, we do not guarantee they will be used in finalizing the Standard. For more information please contact our Standards Director Pierre Petit-De Pasquale: 

When you comment via one of the methods below please include with your comments:

  • Your name, whether you want your comment to be confidential, organization (and whether you are commenting on behalf of that organization), email address, country, and sector.
  • For each comment reference the relevant chapter, requirement, and/or consultation question so that we can incorporate it appropriately into our review.
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Access Chain of Custody 2.0 resources.

What the IRMA Chain of Custody Standard includes

The DRAFT Chain of Custody Standard 2.0 provides a common set of requirements for sourcing, tracking, accounting, handling, and selling materials that come from mines audited against the IRMA Standard. It establishes requirements that can be independently verified to provide objective evidence for the flow of materials from the mining operation or mineral processor, down the supply chain to the end products. It includes:

  • Management System Requirements
  • Documentation and Assurance
  • Material Accounting
  • Sales and Shipping
  • IRMA Claims
  • IRMA Chain of Custody Verification Process

In addition, the DRAFT Chain of Custody Standard 2.0 also recognizes recycled content. This is important in the shift to a more circular economy that values reuse of scrap materials, recycling and reducing waste.

How the IRMA Chain of Custody Standard supports responsible sourcing

The IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining is widely recognized as the most comprehensive set of best practices for industrial-scale mining. The IRMA Standard and system for independent third-party site-level audits and transparent reporting have generated a high level of trust across public and private sectors. The IRMA DRAFT Chain of Custody Standard 2.0 protects the value of the investment in social and environmental responsibility as materials from IRMA-audited mines and mineral processors move through the supply chain, from the mine to products that will be bought by the end consumer – like cars, computers, phones, jewelry, solar panels, buildings, wind turbines and more.

The IRMA Chain of Custody Standard is for use by entities processing or trading materials from IRMA-audited mines and mineral processors along the supply chain. Entities assessed by an IRMA-approved auditing body can pass on an IRMA achievement claim for qualifying material.

How the IRMA Chain of Custody Standard supports credible claims and prevents greenwashing

The IRMA DRAFT Chain of Custody Standard 2.0 includes examples of types of claims related to each material accounting methodology.

Claims will be based on achievement against the Chain of Custody Standard.

IRMA will diligently oversee claims following international best practice to ensure they are accurate and prevent greenwashing.


09 Jan 2024 Stakeholder Feedback Webinar

PDF of the webinar slides

21 Nov 2023 Introductory Webinar

PDF of the webinar slides.

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