IRMA’s leaders are experts in mining, standard-setting, and credible assurance and support the Board of Directors in strategy and day-to-day implementation of IRMA’s programs.

Aimee Boulanger, Executive Director

As Executive Director, Aimee provides direct service to IRMA’s multi-stakeholder leadership and manages IRMA’s staff and consultant team.  She has worked on mining issues for more than 20 years, with substantial experience supporting communities directly affected. In addition, Aimee has been Program Director and Executive Director for children’s environmental health and women’s leadership not-for-profit NGO organizations. She specializes in communications between diverse networks of scientists, businesses, nonprofit advocates, government agencies, healthcare professionals, and citizens striving toward common goals. Aimee holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Politics from Mount Holyoke College and has served IRMA’s leadership since 2012.



Kristen Vissers, Program Coordinator

Kristen Vissers joined IRMA in 2019 after 13 years at Rainforest Alliance as part of the executive office team where she directly supported the organization’s President and Executive Vice President.  Kristen has experience in operational due diligence, project and budget management, all aspects of governance, Board committee meetings, and external events and conferences. Prior to joining the Rainforest Alliance, Kristen was involved in hands-on conservation projects with The Nature Conservancy, the US Forest Service, and the Grand Canyon National Park, among others.  She also coordinated the CEO Forum Group from which the current successful Appalachian Woods Alliance was developed.  She has a BS from Northern Arizona University with a specialty in Environmental Education.

Lisa Sumi, Dir. of Standards and Assurance

For the past 20 years Lisa has worked as an
extractive​s-industr​y researcher and analyst, focusing on social and environmental best practices and mechanisms to encourage industry leadership and create long-lasting benefits for affected communities. Lisa has a background in journalism and holds a Masters degree in Environmental Science and Physical Geography from the University of Toronto. She has served as IRMA’s Director of Standards and Assurance since 2013.



Lara Koritzke photo

Lara Koritzke, Senior Policy Advisor

As Senior Policy Advisor, Lara provides expertise on a range of issues for the Secretariat. She has worked on sustainability standards and certification for 20 years, including six years as a director at ISEAL Alliance, the global association for credible standards. Prior to that, she was with Rainforest Alliance for eleven years managing program development and institutional partnerships globally. Lara holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Cambridge Sustainability Leadership Programme. She has served IRMA since January 2018.

Meredith Emmett, Facilitator

Meredith Emmett is a facilitator and strategist known for her interactive and creative ways of engaging people in meaningful conversation and thoughtful action. She has facilitated and coordinated multiple cross sector collaborations and networks as part of the Institute for Conservation Leadership’s network of consultants and through her own company, Third Space Studio. Meredith holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and is three-time nonprofit executive director. She has served as IRMA’s Facilitator since 2009.