We work with a variety of members and partners who share our vision of a responsible mining industry.

Membership in IRMA is now open for applications from all stakeholders.  Membership is a good first step towards engagement in IRMA and provides organizations with an opportunity to inform the globe’s most comprehensive definition of ‘responsible mining.’  If you represent a company directly involved in the mining and mined materials supply chain, you must be able to demonstrate an existing commitment or interest in promoting, supporting or implementing improvements towards responsible mining or the purchase or trade of responsibly mined materials.  See which organizations have joined so far:

Some of our current partners include:

Collaborating with other sustainability standards

We seek collaboration with other mining standards and want to ensure our program is compatible with other groups that provide chain of custody or traceability solutions for different products (e.g. electronics, jewelry, building materials, autos).

We are actively working in this way with: