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The IRMA Standard – A Tool For U.S. Mining Law Reform

IRMA a Tool for U.S. Mining Law Reform_Examples of Gaps in U.S. Framework - coverOn Tuesday August 30, the IRMA Secretariat submitted a letter to the Biden Administration’s Interagency Working Group (IWG) on mining reform.

The letter provides examples of areas where there are gaps between the good practices in the IRMA Mining Standard and the U.S. legal framework governing the mining sector. Although not comprehensive, the examples identify areas where gaps can be addressed to ensure conformity with good international practice.

These examples are based on a preliminary review of the U.S. legal framework. A requirement-by-requirement comparison between the IRMA Standard and the U.S. legal framework would be necessary to identify all the gaps, and could guide the work of the IWG and support recommendations for improvements to the U.S. legal framework. We recommend that such a study be funded and completed to inform IWG efforts.

Digging for Climate Change WebinarDigging for Climate Change WebinarBlog

Can miners achieve net-zero & satisfy growing demands?

In late July Mining Journal’s Digging for Climate Change hosted a panel discussion on the challenges involved with meeting net-zero ambitions while satisfying growing demand for raw materials.


  • Aimee Boulanger, Executive Director, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance
  • Andrew van Zyl, Principal Consultant and Director, SRK Consulting
  • Kirsten Hund, Head of Carbon Neutrality, De Beers Group
  • Veronica Martinez, Senior Manager, Innovation and Climate Change, International Council on Mining and Metals


OECD discussion – Is the implementation of responsible sourcing accelerating?

As part of the 2022 OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, IRMA joined a conversation hosted by RE-SOURCING to discuss good practices in responsible sourcing. The discussion included IRMA’s Rebecca Burton, Oliver Grouz of KYBURZ Switzerland, Jessie Cato of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, and Mathia Schluep of World Resources Forum Association. The hour-long webinar has been divided into sections, with each focusing on a specific question.



Panel – Is the implementation of responsible sourcing accelerating?


30 law and advocacy groups in Canada recognize IRMA

This is one of more than 60 recommendations released in British Columbia, Canada in May as part of a package of legal reforms launched by more than 30 mining advocacy and law organizations. The recommendations are calling for an overhaul in the way BC regulates exploration, placer mining and metal/mineral mining.

B.C. Mining Law Reform: A Plan of Action for Change is the result of two years of research begun by the Environmental Law Centre, with support from Indigenous advocates and groups like MiningWatch Canada.

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Renewables promising for miners, but edge may go to most responsible operators

The rise of renewable energy to meet global climate goals could be a boon for global mining companies but new customers may also bring higher levels of scrutiny to corporate responsibility practices in the sector.

Increased production of renewable energy resources to meet the goals set out by the Paris Agreement on climate change is expected to drastically boost demand for valuable materials including lithium, cadmium, silver, rare earth metals, aluminum and copper. As demand rises, a growing number of stakeholders are calling for close attention to the environmental, social and governance practices of mining companies crucial to the renewable energy supply chain.

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