IRMA is growing as more companies commit to third-party audits that independently assess their mining-related operations against the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining. To accommodate this growth, IRMA is seeking to expand the number of audit firms (certification bodies) that provide independent audits against the IRMA Standard in line with IRMA assurance requirements.

Interested bodies may apply anytime to become approved. IRMA has partnered with Assurance Services International (ASI) to manage the approval process, oversee performance of approved bodies and to formalize its oversight program more generally. The approval process includes a remote document review and a head office assessment against IRMA requirements.

Following approval, ASI will witness a sample of on-site mine site audits and carry out head office surveillance assessments. The IRMA Secretariat will compile regular performance reviews to ensure approved audit firms meet the defined expectations.

We are grateful to IRMA’s inaugural audit program partners — SCS Global Services and ERM Certification and Verification Services — as we expand our capacity.

To apply, and get more information on the approval process and the underlying requirements, visit the IRMA website under Auditor Resources