Government agencies and policy makers, as well as UN bodies, are encouraged to support credible mining certification and to create incentives, programs or regulations that can benefit the uptake of the Standard for Responsible Mining.

Financial institutions are likewise asked to engage with IRMA and support incentives and new products that require or drive responsible mining according to a credible, globally recognized standard.

Why support and engage with IRMA?

IRMA is the only global standards system that has multi-stakeholder governance and is focused on best practices for industrial-scale mines of all types and sizes all over the world.  We are recognized internationally by leading businesses and NGOs, and our standard covers social, environmental and corporate responsibility principles.

As shown in agriculture and forestry, incentives are crucial to scale up the adoption of credible standards.  Mining has just begun this journey, yet it is a deeply challenging sector.

How to get involved:

  1. Encourage mines in your region to use the Standard for Responsible Mining as a way to measure achievement and improvement over time. Share the value of engaging in IRMA and provide them information on how to engage.
  2. Partner with us on a pilot learning related to a topic of interest to your agency or institution (for example, focused by region of the world, mined material, particular supply chain, issue of interest).
  3. Provide feedback on metrics used in the standard to gauge environmental and social responsibility and whether they need to be adapted/revised to better fit the context in your region of interest.