IRMA actively seeks input on the Standard for Responsible Mining. We also welcome stakeholder input and engagement in IRMA activities in general.

You can send general input on the standard at any time, or during formal consultation periods that will be listed on our home page and sent out to all who we are in touch with.  We welcome all comments, inputs, requests for clarifications or suggestions of revisions on the Standard.

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During 2018-2019 we are also formally seeking the following involvement:

  • Testing of the Standard in particular regions or on special issues of interest
  • Feedback from mines on our self-assessment tool
  • Civil society / NGOs / community-based groups, to take part in our multi-stakeholder governance
  • Founding members from the private sector to take part in our governance and to support and strengthen IRMA

We want to hear from you. Write to Lisa Sumi, Director of Standards and Assurance with your input and ideas at

We also take your complaints seriously.  We strive to make impartial and documented efforts to resolve complaints related to our standard-setting or to our certification program.  If you have a complaint, please write to us as above, or fill out the Stakeholder Complaint Form on the Resources page under Policies and Procedures.