IRMA brings together downstream purchasers of mined materials with industrial scale mines of all types and sizes working towards responsible practices. These companies are leading the way in driving shared value for responsible mining globally.


    Mines work with us to improve their practices and can receive independent third-party verification and certification of their performance that is internationally recognized.

    A first step is to self-assess using our ‘Mine Measure‘ tool against the Standard for Responsible Mining that covers all pillars of responsible mining from business integrity requirements to social and environmental responsibility. Once self-assessed, many mines will choose to then apply for an independent IRMA audit.  Self-assessment is not required to apply for independent auditing. View a webinar on self-assessment by going to Resources > Webinars.

    You can also choose to publish your intentions on our Responsible Mining Map which allows you to connect with purchasers, investors and civil society groups and show your journey towards certification.

    Eventually, some mines will become certified and be able to make associated claims with clients and buyers.  IRMA offers levels of verified performance, to encourage continuous improvement.  IRMA’s standards system is not a pass/fail certification, but a step approach that starts with a set of critical requirements and then has additional requirements that ‘go beyond’ to achieve higher and higher levels of performance.  ‘IRMA Certified’ status carries our highest level of achievement and shows that a mine is not only transparent but is also meeting a ‘best-in-class’ definition of responsible mining that is the most comprehensive, multi-stakeholder mine-site standard in the world.

    How to get involved:

    1. Get self-assessed against the Standard. View a short fact sheet about self-assessment, or view a webinar about it on our Resources > Webinar page. (self-assessment is not required before independent auditing)
    2. If desired, share your self-reported score on the Responsible Mining Map to connect with purchasers and others.
    3. Prepare for certification and apply for your independent audit by writing to us at
    4. Provide feedback on the metrics used in the Standard to gauge environmental and social responsibility and whether they need to be adapted/revised to better fit the context in your region of interest.



    Companies in the jewelry, electronics, auto, building and other sectors depend on minerals and metals for a wide variety of consumer goods. Mined materials have industrial uses far and wide.

    While most downstream purchasers and consumer-facing brands do not buy directly from mine sites, ethical businesses seek to reach back through their supply chains to ensure their purchasing dollars reflect their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. IRMA was created in response to this demand and is the only multi-stakeholder governed, global standard covering all mined materials (except for energy fuels) for all sizes of mines and where audits are done by a third-party at the mine-site level.

    How to get involved:

    1. Become an IRMA member and commit to credible certification of industrial-scale mines.  Receive guidance and tools from IRMA on how to source materials from mines engaged in IRMA.  Share your membership status and commitment with your customers and stakeholders. Be part of the IRMA governance and support the improvement and scale-up of the IRMA standards system.
    2. Get on the Responsible Mining Map to state your interest and need for responsible materials for purchase.  This helps show mines the wide interest from purchasers and investors and creates a simple, visual incentive for mines to engage with IRMA.
    3. Directly encourage your suppliers to engage in IRMA in a way appropriate for them – a good first step is to encourage mines to use the Mine Measure self-assessment tool (view a sample letter or short fact sheet for suppliers on self-assessment, or view a webinar about the tool on our Resources > Webinar page).
    4. Partner with us in your supply chain to improve practices in mines.  This can be related to a topic of interest to your business (for example, focused by region of the world, mined material, particular supply chain, or sustainability issue area).  Pilots help the IRMA team learn and also help to scale up IRMA certification.