Balama Graphite Operation (Syrah Resources)

Extracted materials:  Graphite

Audit timeline

Agreements signed with IRMA & SCS (auditor): April 2023

Stage 1 (desk audit): underway

Map crop of Balama site

Balama, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

Audit details

Assessment type: Initial Audit

Assessment scope:  The assessment will include the open pit, crusher, grinder, mineral processing, on-site power generation, and waste disposal areas at Syrah Resources’ Balama Graphite Operation, located just outside the town of Balama in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province. During the assessment the impacts and issues associated with the site will be reviewed, and each operation and facility will be visited.

Audit status:  Stage 1 (desk audit) underway.

Audit firm: SCS Global Services. (website)

Stakeholder engagement:  to provide input or participate in audits contact:

SCS Global Services
2000 Powell St. #600 Emeryville, California, USA 94608

Audit-related complaints

  • To file a complaint about the audit results (e.g., achievement level, scores, content of audit reports) contact SCS Global Services at
  • To file a complaint about auditors or Certification Bodies (e.g., performance, competencies, potential conflicts of interest, etc.): file a complaint with IRMA.

More information

Syrah Resources: Balama Graphite Operation